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Prime Minister's Speech at CBCC's Award Gala
Prime Minister's Speech at CBCC's Award Gala

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Fri, Jul 19, 2024

With over 1300 members the CBCC is the largest Chinese business association in Canada..CBCC members, mostly Mandarin Chinese Canadians, are well established in Canada. Our recent survey indicates that 98% of them have university degrees; 87% have been operating their businesses in Canada for three or more years; and 74% own their own homes. They are mostly concentrated in the Toronto (GTA), Montreal, and Vancouver areas.

Our basic membership consists of two categories: 1) individual members 2) corporate members. The initiation fees are $200 for individual members and $500 for corporate members. In addition to the basic membership, our members have the option to become members of the CBCC affiliated associations: CBCC Retail Association, CBCC Chinese Exporters Association, and CBCC Immigration Consultants Association. For these affiliated associations separate annual fees apply, but by paying annual fees members of these associations acquire the CBCC basic membership without the need to pay the initiation fees mentioned above.

Member benefits include: 1. Free admission to all events organized by the CBCC ($50 for non-member for each admission). 2. Free access to the CBCC's business information centre and consulting service. 3. Regularly receiving (by email) business information on product-supply-and-demand in import/export and other business opportunities.

4. Group rates for the following products/services:

(1) Merchant services with preferred rates: 1.829% discount rate for VISA/Mastercard, 7¢ for debit card transaction and monthly rental charge $18.95 (Retail Association members need to pay a separate annual fee in order to enjoy the preferred rates for merchant services).

(2) Auto insurance provided by York Alliance Insurance Brokers Inc.. Members with minimum one-year professional experience or three-year experience in other businesses in Canada may enjoy discount. Contact 905-888-7900 (choose Option 2 and give your CBCC number). If you have more questions or you need special assistance you may contact Sunny Sheng at 416-828-2572.

(3) The ESSO gas program allows CBCC members to save 2¢ per litre at any of the ESSO's 2100 gas stations in the country.

(4) Other benefits include group rates for internet services, (tel# 416-422-4466), free legal consulting service provided by Mr. Jim Zhang (tel # 416-496-8884).

To join the Chamber, please call 416-366-0966, or download Membership Registration Form.

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