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Prime Minister's Speech at CBCC's Award Gala
Prime Minister's Speech at CBCC's Award Gala

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Sat, Jul 20, 2024
Ontario Exports To China Show

Event: Ontario Exports To China Show 2007 (Meet Team China)
Time/Date: 10am-4pm, Monday June 11, 2007
Venue: Ontario Government Building, 900 Bay Street (North Entrance: 77 Wellesley Street West), 2nd Floor, Macdonald Block, Ontario Room.
Organizer: CBCC
Sponsor: Ontario government

For Ontario Exports To China Show 2001 & 2003

Main programs of the Ontario Exports To Ontario Show 2007 are:
1) Mini-Export show (10:00-4:00): Exhibitors are Ontario companies with the interest in the China market. Exhibited products are intended for export to China; they reflect the strengths of Canada; ie. their products are strong in technology, natural resources, farm and food products.
Visitors: CBCC Members and other Chinese business people with the interest and ability to sell Ontario/Canadian products to China.
2) Exporters information session (11:00-3:00): Canadian companies interested in Chinese market made presentations to the Chinese audience on their products, company and took questions from the audience.
3) Ceremony (12:00-12:30): Mr. Yijun Song, former Ontario representative to China, gave a talk on Opportunities in China for Canadian companies. Also, several Ontario ministers delivered speeches.

The Opportunity: Thousands of executives from Mainland Chinese companies have obtained Canadian permanent residence status under business and independent immigration categories in recent years. These are business executives and trade professionals who still control their businesses in China and have come to Canada to identify business opportunities. Their collective interest is to export Canadian products/services to China where they have well-established sales networks. Some seek specific products, but may not know where to find them, while others are in search of anything in Canada that will meet the Chinese market demands. This joint exhibition would be an ideal opportunity for Canadian companies to meet with potential agents to expand your business in China.

The 2007 Show attracted around 500 participants and 20 export exhibitors

From left in the middle four: the Hon Michael Chan Minister of Revenue, the Hon Harinder Takhar Minister of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, the Hon Mike Colle Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, and Mr. Xuegang Yang, Commercial Consul of PR China, and CBCC executives (from left) Jeff Liu, Spencer Chen, Benson Wang, David Chan, Sunny Sheng, and Sean Hu.

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