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Prime Minister's Speech at CBCC's Award Gala
Prime Minister's Speech at CBCC's Award Gala

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Sat, Jul 20, 2024
Business Training Centre

The CBCC Business Training Centre was established in October 2001 and is currently managed by the CBCC Training Committee. The Centre offers three programs of study: Canada-China Trade, Taxation/Accounting, and Finance as well as the following individual courses: 1. Five Effective Lead Generation; 2. Effective Sales and Sales Team Management 3. Turning Your Trade Show into a Major Success; 4. International Trade - Theory and Practice; 5. Bookkeeping using Quickbooks; 6. Accounting principles and Simply Accounting; 7. Payroll and human resources management 8. Canadian taxation; 9. Business English; and 10. Canadian business law.

The Canada-China Trade program offers two classes, one in English only and the other with Chinese translation. The English class (International Trade Workshops) is for students living in the Greater Toronto Area only. Most of the Centre¡¯s trainees are Chinese and are doing or intend to do business in Canada.

The Business Training Centre offers a well-equipped learning facility. While all of the courses are taught in English, oral translation is provided in class for trainees from China. Classes are conveniently scheduled for weekends and weekday evening sessions for students living in the Greater Toronto Area. Trainees from China will concentrate their study in an intensive one or two week program.

Graduate feedback for the program has been very positive. Graduates have expressed several advantages with the training provided by the Centre compared to a university or college business degree program. Students are exposed to the practical experience and accounts from the Centre¡¯s instructors, who are active and successful in their industry; the program has a convenient structure, allowing students to continue working without having to take leave to complete the training program; and students do not experience the pressure of exams or assignments.

For inquiry, please contact 416-495-6888.
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