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Prime Minister's Speech at CBCC's Award Gala
Prime Minister's Speech at CBCC's Award Gala

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Sat, Jul 20, 2024
Chinese Business Culture Learning Centre

The Chinese Business Culture Learning Centre of the CBCC provides Chinese business culture training, seminars, and coaching to Canadian companies who are doing business or intend to do business with China. The study and seminar topics include:

1. China Overview:
History, political system, economy, population and ethnic groups, languages, and religion.

2. Key Concepts in Chinese Business Culture:
Confucianism ▪ Guanxi (connections) ▪ Mian Zi (face) ▪ Ke Qi (being considerate, polite, modest, humble, well mannered, etiquette and protocol).

3. Chinese Business Etiquette and Protocol:
Making appointments ▪ Greetings and introductions ▪ Addressing Chinese, names and titles ▪ Business card etiquette ▪ Business dress ▪ Conversation (welcome topics, topics avoid) ▪ Gifts-giving (appreciated gifts) and gift-receiving ▪ Deal-making ▪ Dining and entertainment etiquette (drinking, toasting, dinner, lunch, breakfast etc.) ▪ Social distance/touching/gesture ▪ Public behaviour ▪ Dos and doní»ts ▪ 8 easy reminders

4. The Business Meetings and Negotiations:
How meetings are organized ▪ The setup ▪ Hosting the Chinese ▪ How to use interpreters ▪ Interpreters vs translators ▪ Concluding a meeting ▪ 10 points on Business Meetings.

5. Other relevant topics:
Bidding process in China ▪ Government-business relations ▪ How the Chinese view Canadians ▪ Chinese names for foreigners ▪ Useful Chinese language phrases ▪ Foreign women and business ▪ Tipping ▪ Business relationship vs Personal relationship ▪ Privacy ▪ How to get things done ▪ Tactics for Getting to an agreement ▪ 10 points on cultural differences

Course duration: One day (six hours)

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